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  • Group conversations & Direct Messaging: Create topic-specific channels or engage in direct conversations to keep your team connected and informed
  • Newsfeed: Post news for your group, and control who can post.
  • Content Library: Store and access important files and documents. The Content Library keeps your team's resources organized and easily retrievable

  • With Subscription

  • AI Assist: Allows groups to harness their own data, facilitating individualized AI training. Users can seamlessly query this intelligence or further refine it using advanced AI mechanisms.
  • Task Management: Streamline your team's workflow with the Tasks app. Easily create, assign, and track tasks to ensure projects stay on course and deadlines are met.
  • Live Streaming and Video Conferencing: Enhance your team's communication with the Live Streaming and Video Conferencing feature. Conduct real-time meetings, presentations, or live broadcasts seamlessly within your Posif workspace.
  • Group Calendar: Schedule events, set reminders, and synchronize activities.
  • Jobs: Post job openings in your group with Posif's Jobs app. Users can apply by recording video interviews directly within the app, answering interview questions set by you.
  • Reports: Enables users to file reports with ease, while providing admins with robust sorting and reviewing tools.
  • Support Tickets: Allows users to raise support issues, which admins can then prioritize and address systematically.
  • Tutorial Creator: Create and share tutorials directly within your group. Make onboarding and training more efficient.
  • Mockups:Assemble app and idea proposals with ease. Add images and hotspots to navigate through your concept effectively.
  • Database Manager: Create and manage simple databases to handle your group's data. Ideal for admins who need quick data solutions.
  • App Maker: Build simple apps to access and edit your databases. No coding required, use drag and drop to create straightforward interfaces for data management.

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